With a smooth surface and elegant 45-degree slopes, the windows with the REHAU Euro Design 60 profile give an aesthetic appearance to any home. Two rows of seals prevent the penetration of air flow, dust and water, maintaining a pleasant climate at home.
Built on the three-chamber principle with a construction depth of 60 mm, the Euro Design 60 double or triple glazing windows and their quality are convincing from an economic point of view. Obviously, Euro Design 60 meets all the requirements of the new EnEV energy saving rules.


•  Depth of construction: 60 mm / contact seal
•  Number of rooms: 3 rooms
•  Thermal insulation: Uf = 1.6 W / m²K
•  Sound insulation: up to noise insulation class 4 (VDI 2719)
•  Air / weather resistance: up to class 4 (DIN EN 12207) / 9A (DIN EN 12208)


•  Elegant optics with 45 ° inclined surfaces

Possibility of use

•  Old or new buildings with reduced requirements for thermal insulation and design
•  Construction of windows and patio doors
•  Construction of objects


•  The long life and stability of the features are ensured by the way the materials are processed
•  The inclined profile of the frame allows easy cleaning