The triple glazed windows of the GENEO profile represent a unique and cutting-edge innovation. It distinguishes itself by advanced technology and functional parameters that overshadow the window systems developed so far.


•  Depth of construction: 86mm / contact seal
•  Number of rooms: 6 rooms
•  Thermal insulation: Uf = 0.73 W / m²K
•  Acoustic insulation: the highest class of sound insulation in absence of steel reinforcement, with values ​​never achieved before (glass 50 dB = Rw, P 47 dB) in sound insulation class 5
•  Burglary protection: burglary protection up to resistance class 3. Strength class 2 without steel reinforcement
•  Air/Weather resistance: up to load group C (DIN 18055)


•  Flexible and elegant design(115 mm)
•  Also suitable for large elements
•  Using the innovative REHAU welding technology it is also possible to achieve the required stability


•  First system of fully reinforced profiles
•  Made with a revolutionary RAU-FIPRO material
•  Profile with the highest energy efficiency in its class, designed for windows that meet the passive house standard (eg Uw = 0.73 W / m2K) or houses with low energy consumption (eg Uw = 1, 1W / m2K)
•  REHAU high-quality surfaces, smooth, low adhesion to impurities, easy to clean
•  Ease of closing optimized for maximum comfort
•  Large elements, suitable for an optimal capture of solar energy and ideal for modern architecture
•  Reliable investment through compliance with current and future EnEV * standards, in order to maintain the long term value of the house