Why choose PVC profiles?
•  Low thermal transmittance: the profiles behave as thermal insulators
•  It is a weatherproof material: maintenance costs are reduced
•  High breaking strength due to the use of ROTO (anti-burst) material with tape
•  Smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning
•  The best quality / price ratio

When does condensation occur and why?
Often it happens to hear people who say that the glass creates condensation. The logical question that arises is “Why?” Is the culprit the producer or are there other causes that can favor condensation?
From experience and from specialists, there are many reasons, including:
•  Wet walls of a new home – due to the fact that the time required for complete and correct drying of the indoor environment has not been respected
•  Steam escaping from the room due to cooking
•  Low room temperature
•  Humidity level above 60%
•  Prevent heat from spreading due to curtains or window sills

Solutions for condensation removal
•  Proper room ventilation
•  Equip the kitchen with a hood
•  The optimal room temperature must be between 19-22 ° C
•  Optimal humidity 40-60%

Cleaning and maintenance of PVC profiles

Repair of white profiles
•  Repair with the reaction resin
The main mechanical damage to the white profiles, such as inadequate holes, inappropriate milling, etc., can be repaired with the reaction resin. This resin is composed of two components that must be mixed before application (respect the manufacturer’s instructions!). After the resin has hardened, the repair site must be polished. For this you can use eccentric, angled or tapered grinding machines. The size of the grinding element should be adapted to the type and speed of the grind. Normally, the size of the grind should be between 150 and 200, for fine processing of 240 to 400. The grinding material used must be a mixture of silicon carbide, due to the uniformity size polishing of the structure. The work area must be as small as possible. After grinding, the sanding surface must be finished with sisal.
•  Repair of welding tape
Deterioration of mechanical origin of the white profiles can also be solved with the help of a piece cut from a rest of the profile (for example, breaking a support). Using a hot air welder, the cut piece sticks to the damaged area. Then follow the troubleshooting instructions in section 1.
•  Repair of irregular areas
Smaller bumps and scratches can be solved according to the instructions in section 1.

Repair of colored profiles
•  Colored profiles must be repaired with great care. The mechanical damage of the laminated profiles can be solved with the repair kit provided by the company (follow the processing instructions!): In the case of laminated profiles, the subsequent adjustment is not possible.

REHAU PVC profiles can be cleaned and easily treated on flat surfaces. Normal dirt and dust can be removed quickly and easily with domestic solutions and hot water. It is not allowed to use abrasive and acid solutions as they may damage the profile surface.
For strong dirt the use of solutions is allowed:
•  For profiles of white and colored windows: REHAU PVC Art. 252 280
•  For laminated profiles: REHAU PVC Art. 222 660
•  It is allowed to use the REHAU cleaning solution (industrial) for window profiles in white, colored and laminated PVC
Cleaning solutions for PVC:
•  Diluent
•  Ketones (e.g., Acetone)
•  Esters (eg Ester with vinegar)
•  Aromatic carbohydrates (eg benzol, toluene or xylene)
•  Chlorinated carbohydrates (eg Methylene chloride, trichlorohydrin)

Do not use because they can damage the surface of the profile. They can cause long-term fading that can not be removed and, in the case of laminates, this can lead to the destruction of the surface. Due to atmospheric influences (eg Rust, industrial dusts, smoke emissions) in the vicinity of industrial or railway areas, there is the possibility of deposits that can cause damage, in particular to the white profiles. Therefore, we recommend regular cleaning of these deposits (cleaning interval – depending on the intensity of the pollution) with the REHAU PVC cleaning solution Art. 252280 (only for white or colored profiles!).
The dirt formed in the production of profiles such as the grease of the bolts or cutting marks (pen, pencil) can be removed with water and home detergent solutions.
For other cleaning problems, a discussion with REHAU is required. To avoid further deterioration, the end user must be informed of the correct way to clean the windows.
The warranty of REHAU lapses in the event of damage to the surface caused by negligence or failure to follow the instructions for care.
Only recommended cleaning solutions are allowed.
Surface damage caused by aggressive or acidic cleaning solutions is excluded from warranty coverage.
Fading due to chemical reactions (eg zinc particles, leaks on facades or asbestos glass) is not covered by the warranty.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure long-term window operation.
The following maintenance operations should be performed on an annual basis:
•  Check the correct functioning of the hinges and lubricate with a drop of lubricant (see also the maintenance and care instructions provided by the manufacturer of hinges)
•  The gaskets must be checked and treated with a care solution. Any damaged seals must be replaced
•  The water drainage holes in the posts must be checked and cleaned if necessary
•  Check the window and remove any fibers
•  The surface of the profiles must be checked and possibly cleaned

For hygiene reasons, the closed room, with harmful particles, necessarily requires ventilation. Compared to past years, high levels of air humidity create the biggest problems. Water in the form of vapors is produced, for example, by the air you breathe, by cooking, washing or by the laundry. This humidity was eliminated relatively easily due to unsealed windows. The modern windows offer a perfect seal and do not allow this passage of air, so the humidity condenses until it reaches the point of saturation of the air and forms traces and molds. Especially in rooms exposed to low temperatures and high humidity.
This is why proper room ventilation is an essential condition for a pleasant atmosphere:
•  All rooms should be properly ventilated in the morning (about 5-10 minutes, with windows completely open).
•  Short ventilation times are required during the day (up to 2-3 times) or through adjustable ventilation systems.
•  During the ventilation operation the heaters must be switched off.
Through forced ventilation or through an adjustable ventilation system, the interior of the room is cooled to a limited extent and the ambient temperature can be increased with low energy consumption. The reduction of electricity consumption and heating costs is possible thanks to the sealed windows.

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