Nets on Hinges

They have an extruded aluminum structure painted in an electrostatic field, white or brown. For those who opt for colored window frames there are profiles of nets in shades of golden oak, mahogany, dark oak.
The nets are made of fiberglass with high breaking strength, with very thin meshes that do not reduce visibility or penetration of light into the room. The fixing is done with a reliable and lockable closing system with a nicely designed handle.

Roller Nets

They are built with aluminum boxes and rails and the sieve is in translucent, non-flammable carbon fiber, resistant to bad weather and sunlight. The color of the site is gray and the standard colors for the guides and the ribbon are white and brown.
Activation is facilitated by springs; the lifting and lowering are activated by pulling the control cable. The net is equipped with a mechanism against accidental lifting. During the cold season the net can be held / raised in the box, so it is not necessary to remove it from the window – the guides and the box are designed so as not to alter the aesthetics of the frame in any way.