Classic system with a construction depth of 60mm for construction objects. The REHAU 2-chamber Thermo Design entrance door system with a construction depth of 60 mm for the entrance areas of old and new buildings. It is possible to make external doors with burglary protection up to resistance class ET 2 (DIN V 18054).


•  Smooth surfaces, closed, not adherent to dirt
•  Fixing the fittings in 3 PVC or steel walls
•  Optimal stability thanks to high depth reinforcements
•  Use weldable corner joints for greater stability


•  Depth of construction: 60mm / contact seal
•  Number of rooms: 2 rooms, 4 rooms in the frame
•  Air/Weather resistance: up to load group A (RAL-GZ 996)
•  2-level seal on the threshold
•  Special threshold for homes without barriers


•  Coloring through decorative plates or dyeing
•  Elegant optics with 15 ° inclined surfaces

Possibility of use

•  Entrance areas for old and new buildings
•  Entrance doors in one wing, with internal and external opening, also with fixed side
•  Entrance doors with 2 doors with internal and external opening, entrance doors with skylight
•  Construction of elements for external doors in the most varied executions