Window shutters are effective first and foremost to control the temperature of the house in a healthy way. It has been shown that the use of roller shutters in winter can reduce the consumption of thermal energy by about 10%, and in summer, their use can also replace an air conditioning system.


•  Natural shade and freshness: UV rays no longer enter the house and prevent overheating in summer
•  Energy saving: during winter, the shutters act as a barrier to heat loss. Thus, an insulating air cushion is created between the window and the exterior
•  Intimacy of private property: the shutters protect from prying eyes, especially when the windows overlook the street or a nearby house
•  Safety and protection: the shutters represent an alternative to metal grilles mounted on windows. They can be locked from the inside, keeping unwanted guests away
•  Superior sound insulation: in crowded and noisy areas, the use of blinds guarantees the tranquility and darkness necessary for sleep