The practicality and safety of use, the elegance of the design, the integration of the latest technologies in accordance with the European safety regulations and the availability of a wide range of optional equipment make the sectional doors the ideal solution for your garage.

•  The operation of the sectional garage doors presupposes the existence of a sliding system of the panels from which the “sheet” of the door is formed. This system is represented by the sliding guides, by the rotating hinges that circulate on them and by the weight balancing group based on steel springs.

•  Sliding systems to meet the different technical requirements related to the garage space or to the needs of use can have various configurations in terms of the shape of the sliding slides and of the spring group

•  The panels are raised under the ceiling, parallel to it. The set of springs to counterbalance the weight can be placed in front, above the sliding beams, or in the rear, in the case of garages with insufficient height. The cost of sectional garage doors with this system is minimal